Stages Of Production

Stage 1: Cutting The Hide

Hollowing out and clearing the grease from the hide This is the stage
where raw hides are collected, cut and prepared for the second stage.

Stage 2: Salting

This stage is crucial as salting the first rule to sterilize the hide, and
to preserve it from bacteria, which is why it is salted very well.

Stage 3: Tanning Preparation

Hair and flesh residue are removed from the hide with machines
imported from abroad, designed specifically for this purpose.

Stage 4: Tanning

The leather preparation stages are the most crucial because they help make the leather usable in all manufactures depending on each client’s request. After that, comes the tanning stage.

Types of tanning vary according to the materials used in the production
stages, and at Saudi International Al Raqiyah Factory for Leather and
Tanning, we use chrome tanning, which is the most common in the world:

We use a tanning solution consisting of chromate salts and a compound of
chromium. Before chrome tanning, we preserve the leather by soaking it in a solution of sulfate acid and salt until the leather reaches certain levels of
acidity. Then, we wash the leather and put it in tanning cylinders containing water and chromium sulfate, which will give it a sky-blue color. This type of tanning will specifically make the leather more resistant to scratching and heat and more flexible, which will preserve it for a longer period.

Stage 5: Sorting And Packaging

After the tanning process, the leather is sorted and stored under a
temperature of 8 degrees, before is it is packed and ready to be
shipped across the world.

Stage 6: Shipping

The leather is shipped by air or by sea through our partners all
over the world.