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Who We Are

Saudi International Al Raqiyah Factory of Leather previously known as Basem H. Momena Leather was founded in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1992 to meet the needs of its clients, after the Saudi market has excelled by importing and consuming large quantities of sheep, goat, cow and camel leather.

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Our Mission

Our main mission is to provide services like tanning, leather finishing, packaging, storage and shipping, to all our clients around the world from various sectors of different industries. our aim is to contribute to the alternative use of leather in many manufactures that could negatively impact the consumer, by:

  • Providing the best types of tanning and leather finishing.
  • Providing competitive services that meet all requirements of various industries.
  • Meeting the highest international standards to provide
    our clients with satisfactory quality and optimal safety.

Our Vision

After the success we have achieved over the past years with countries such as China, Italy, India, Pakistan, France, Indonesia, Turkey and many others, we aspire to spread the art of manufacturing, tanning and finishing leather all over the world.

Our Warehouses

  • Our Jeddah Warehouse, which is divided into two sections: one that is dedicated to tanned leather (Wet Blue Skins) and the other for raw leather.
  • Our Makkah Warehouse, which is a warehouse for raw leather.
  • Our Southern District Warehouse.
  • Our vehicles transport the leather between remote areas.

Our Values

At Saudi International Al Raqiyah Factory for Leather and Tanning, we always make sure to acquire the finest types of raw leather materials. For this reason, we work closely with slaughterhouses in Jeddah, Taif and Makkah, as well as several kitchens, so that the leather reaches its destination in good condition, without being overly exposed to direct sunlight.

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